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1952 Fender Telecaster

This guitar was born 10/16/52. It has a new pick guard, two new Joe Barden pickups, new switch, new pots and wiring, new jack. It has been refretted with German silver fret wire that are .085 wide by .045 and the neck has been refinished and aged to match the back of the neck. It has been fitted with a new bone nut and a Joe Barden bridge plate with compensated saddles. The original neck pickup was a Charlie Christian made by Joe Bardens' brother while the bridge pickup was made by Joe barden and Danny Gatton. It was installed in 1973 and set up by Gatton at the same time.

Gretsch Penguin

Here is a customer's penguin with rebuilt pickup cavities, rewired, andrefinished in black. The top is done in a transparent black lacquer. The back sides and neck are a solid black.

1963 Gibson 330

This 1963 Gibson 330 has just had its neck binding channels re-cut and then rebound and side dots installed. The position inlays were replaced on the neck and are made out of nitro plastic as were the originals. It was re-fretted, pickup cavities were plugged and re-cut for original dog ear P-90's, and was refinished in black Nitro lacquer.

1965 Gibson SG

This 1965 Gibson SG underwent a complete refinish in Pelham blue followed by a detail and full setup.

Wooden Wizard Custom Pedalboard

This custom pedalboard was built by Larry Smoak of Wooden Wizard Guitars for Tim Smyser.

1941 Gibson L5

This 1941 Gibson has received, a refret, new nut, new pickguard, new bridge, neck rebound, polished hardware, and rebuilt Grover tuners

1961 Gibson Les Paul Special

This '61 has gone through a thorough clean and polish of all hardware, refret, rebounding, and setup.

1981 Fender Strat

A 1981 Strat now with a reglued neck pocket, repaired finish, and setup.

1993 Squire Strat Conversion

1993 Fender Squire Strat being converted to USA spec.

1961 Gibson ES175

1961 Gibson ES175 neck reset.

1970 Gibson Les Paul

1970 Les Paul - new binding, refret, nut replacement, and refinish.

WWG Custom Tele

This beautiful Tele-style guitar was built from the ground up for Tim Smyser. It features a full set of JBE pickups.

Warmoth Custom 5 String Bass

Custom Warmoth 5 string G-bass for Tim Smyser. This G-style Warmoth body was resized and contoured for a smaller profile, then routed for electronics and fitted with a Warmoth neck.

This Old Les - 1952 Les Paul

1952 Les Paul - woodworking, binding, complete restoration.

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